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Spoon & Tamago Launches Redesign


Spoon & Tamago, the Nectar Ads publisher dedicated to Japanese art and design has been lovingly re-designed by its founder, artist and writer Johnny Strategy.

The new, responsive, mobile friendly site, incorporates a minimalist design with a new logo, as well as improvements for browsing.

The redesign also marks the launch of, a new tumblr that links to all the site’s articles, as well as to “lovely tidbits.”

Founded in 2007, Spoon & Tamago partnered with Nectar Ads in 2013. The site just keeps getting better, increasing its social media base and drawing numerous new readers. We’re excited to see how Spoon & Tamago develops over the coming months.

The New York Times Cites Art F City & Hyperallergic as Ambitious New Models for Art Writing

Holland Cotter points to Art F City & Hyperallergic in his latest column for the The New York Times on the influence of money in art.

“There’s no question that we need — art needs — an influx of new commentators who don’t mistake attitude for ideas, who move easily between cultures and geographies. Regular gigs in mainstream print journalism have all but dried up, but the Internet offers ambitious options in a growing number of blogazines including Art F City (edited by Paddy Johnson) and Hyperallergic (edited by Hrag Vartanian), which combine criticism, reporting, political activism and gossip on an almost-24-hour news cycle.

And although both are based in New York, they include national coverage and in a feisty mix of voices, a welcome alternative to the one-personality blog of yore. That mix would probably be even more varied, and transcultural, if a few forward-thinking, art-minded investors would infuse some serious capital into such enterprises so they could pay writers a living wage and make online freelance writing a viable way of life.”

Lost in the Gallery-Industrial Complex: Holland Cotter Looks at Money in Art“, The New York Times, January 17, 2014

RJ Rushmore of Vandalog publishes his latest book: “Viral Art: how the internet has shaped art and graffiti”

RJ Rushmore, the founder and editor-in-chief of Nectar Ads publisher Vandalog, has just published his second book, Viral Art: how the internet has shaped art and graffiti.

A labor of love two and a half years in the making, Viral Art critically examines how street art and graffiti have been shaped by new communication technologies. Rushmore concludes that the future of the movements lies in the creation of “virtual interventions” over physical displays.

RJ was recently interviewed about the book by Graffuturism and received a shout out from  acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey. Last month, Hyperallergic published an extended excerpt from the book which focuses on the history of Wild Style (1983), lauded as the first major film on graffiti and hip-hop culture.

In keeping with the ethos of his subject, Viral Art can be read, downloaded, and shared with others, all for free online at

Two Coats of Paint Wins Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant


Nectar Ads Publisher Sharon Butler, author of Two Coats of Paint, has been awarded a 2013 grant by the Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program.

Founded in 2006, the Art Writers Grant Program is designed to support writing about contemporary art, in particular, writing that is both accessible, critical, and which makes an “indispensable contribution to a vital artistic culture.”  For its 2013 cycle, the program awarded a total of $619,000 to twenty writers, ranging in increments between $10,000 – $50,000.

211141_86334124631_29346_nTwo Coats of Paint reviews and reports on contemporary painting. Founded in 2007, the site was named one of the top art blogs by The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, and has previously received a Mindshare Award for visual arts blog excellence.

Read more about the award in Sharon’s announcement at Two Coats of Paint.

I send a heartfelt “Thank you” to all the panelists and evaluators who read through more than 600 applications and found Two Coats of Paint worthy of support.

Two Coats is the second publisher within the Nectar Ads network to be awarded the prestigious grant. In 2008, Paddy Johnson of ArtFCity was also awarded a grant in the Blog category.

National Endowment for the Arts Interviews Colossal’s Christopher Jobson

nea-logo-960Colossal’s Creator and Editor, Christopher Jobson, was recently interviewed by the National Endowment of the Arts as part of their Art Works Blog.

Asked to describe why he started Colossal, Jobson says:

Colossal was born from a lack of creativity and inspiration in my own life. I had been working for years as a web designer in a role that was personally unfulfilling and was unsure of what to do about it. As a way to expose myself to new ideas in art and design, I started the blog as a way to catalog and share the interesting things I encountered around the web. Three years later it’s still going and has completely taken over my life.

I want Colossal to be a place where anyone, from any background, can discover art and aspects of visual culture that are interesting, fun, and approachable. To that end I shy away from criticism and interpretation and instead provide as many resources as possible for visitors to learn more on their own. I want to share art as it is, without justification.

Read the entire interview at

Listings Project joins Nectar Ads

Listings Project is a free weekly email created by artist Stephanie Diamond that features real estate and job opportunities for artists, designers and the creative community of New York. Listings Project has been featured in the New York Times, Time Out, and Curbed as one of the best resources for creatives to find housing, studio spaces and opportunities in New York and beyond.

Steph_phoneStephanie considers herself a social practice artist; where community engagement is prioritized over traditional object making. The Listings Project is arguably her best known art project, and has proved to be a vital, real world resource for thousands of individuals working in the arts. The project began modestly in 2003, when Stephanie began regularly forwarding listings to close friends and associates.

Stephanie personally emails each lister, and strictly excludes any listings which include brokers or fees. With a growing number of over 52,000 email subscribers, Nectar Ads is thrilled to partner with one of New York’s most influential and admired artists.

Recently, Art F City conducted an interview with Stephanie Diamond about her project and its goals. Stephanie discusses the project’s evolution as well as the reaction from fans. You can find the full transcript here.

Spoon & Tamago Named as a Top 5 Japanese Art Blog

Congratulations to Spoon & Tamago who was recently named as one of the top 5 Japanese Art Blogs by ArtInfo.

Johnny Strategy, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Spoon and Tamago (via twitter)

Johnny Strategy, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Spoon and Tamago (via twitter)

The list praised English language sites which celebrate and foster critical discussion on Japanese Art:

While it’s true that Japan sometimes lags behind in terms of bilingual media in the contemporary art world, several enterprising individuals have been making solid contributions to the discussion at hand, either through collections of punchy, journalistic extracts, or more critical reflections.

Spoon & Tamago was founded by artist and writer Johnny Strategy in 2007, who along with a dedicated team of contributors, cover all aspects of Japanese fine arts and design.

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Returns for A Fourth Year of Art and Tech Innovation

On Saturday, April 20, Rhizome hosted their 4th annual Seven on Seven conference at the New School in New York City. Each year Rhizome pairs seven leading artists with seven technologists in teams of two, and challenges them to develop something new—be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine—over the course of a single day.

This year’s participating technologists included Billy Chasen, Matthew Ritchie, Cameron Martin, Tara Tiger Brown, Paul Pfeiffer, Alex Chung, Jeremy Bailey, Julie Uhrman, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Harper Reed, Jill Magid, Fatima Al Qadiri, Dalton Caldwell and a keynote by Evgeny Morozov.

You can watch each of this year’s presentations and read the two part live blog which features poignant tweets on

Here are some of our favorite moments via Twitter!

Spoon & Tamago Joins Nectar Ads

Untitled 2

Spoon & Tamago, our latest addition to the Nectar Ads network, covers all aspects of Japanese design from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design. Founded in 2007 by artist and writer Johnny Strategy, the blog has secured it’s place as an extensive multicultural database.

On the blog’s about page, Strategy writes,

What we’re trying to do is tell a story. That story is, what’s going on in the Japanese art and design industry and where is it headed.

Strategy’s specialized focus on art and design is reinforced by the blog’s three core values: significance, relevance and unique content. Three values that we hold in high regard on our network.

The addition of Spoon & Tamago brings the Nectar Ads Art Network to eleven carefully selected and leading art publications that continue to forge the vanguard of online art & design journalism, criticism, news and discussion.

Michael Connor joins Rhizome as New Editor & Curator

rhizomeconnorRhizome, an affiliate of New Museum, welcomes Michael Connor to their team this coming April. He will “shape the overall artistic direction of Rhizome, through its public programs and online publishing.”

More from

Connor’s work focuses on artists’ responses to cinema and new technologies. His past solo and collaborativeprojects as curator include: ‘Street Digital,’ comprising gallery installation work by artist duo JODI;‘Wild Sky,’ which explored contemporary perceptual regimes through artists’ images of the sun and cosmos; ‘Screen Worlds,’ a permanent exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne, Australia; ‘Essential Cinema,’ the opening exhibition at the Toronto Film Festival’s new venue; and ‘The New Normal,’ a touring exhibition of artworks that used private information as raw material and subject matter. Connor previously worked as Curator at FACT, Liverpool and Head of Exhibitions at BFI Southbank in London. While at the BFI, he oversaw the development of an interactive moving image archive designed by Adjaye/Associates as well as a gallery dedicated to artists’ film, video, and new media.

We’re excited to see Rhizome continue to grow and innovate with Michael Connor as their  new Editor and Curator. Congrats!